• Start the New Year Right with New Year’s Eve Parties

    What can be a more festive way to welcome the dawn of a brand new year than throw fabulous parties for family and friends? Like all other parties, New Years Eve parties take some planning, but everything is worth it after seeing the happy faces of your guests celebrating together during one of the longest nights of the year.


    The Essentials of New Year’s Eve Parties

    Food and Drinks: If the party is for a compact group of family and friends, a sit-in dinner becomes ideal to allow a more intimate eating session. However, a larger group will be difficult to serve individually; thus, it is best to have a buffet-style where everybody can help themselves to the food that they like. Of course, there is the celebratory champagne toast. However, if you feel anxious about serving alcohol then don't. The last thing you want is to go looking for a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles on the first day of the New Year because you have been charged with DUI. There are other sizzling drinks than can make up for the absence of booze like root beer float. Nevertheless, if you plan to serve alcohol, you can opt to use plastic party glasses so you can stop worrying about guests breaking your precious crystals.


    Theme and Decorations: There are endless possibilities when it comes to themes for New Year’s Eve parties, ranging from the Roaring 20's to Western Cowboys, or Retro. Build the theme around your or your guests' special interests. Boost up the theme by dressing up the party venue with related decors and supplies. You can't be wrong with sparkling Christmas lights, buntings, and balloons. For a real celebratory atmosphere, let everyone wear party hats, provide poppers and whistles, and let confetti rain in the place. Scour party stores for complete party favors that reflect the theme of the night.


    Entertainment: Organize the party in such a way that your guests will have their hands full with the entertainment you've prepared. Think of ways on how to keep people up their feet throughout the night so that they will not think of leaving early to look for other places where there is better entertainment. Keep everyone busy until the party ends. Designate an area where guests can chill out or relax as they recharge for the next activities you've lined up.


    Concern for Safety: Reserve a room in the house for guests who may decide to stay for the night. Arrange a taxi service for guests who don't have cars. If you did serve alcohol, make sure that guests who'll drive home don't drink too much. Getting a DUI charge at the start of the New Year could put a damper on your year. You have to visit LA DUI Lawyer Pros website for more helpful information about the enormity of a DUI charge. So check it out so you're well informed.


    Be part of the fun. After all, it's your party so don't be left out by your guests who are obviously having all the fun out of the party you've put up. Don't get too stressed out. There's always reason for New Years Eve parties not to be perfect. Remember, you've put up all efforts to gather your family and friends to celebrate an important event. Take breaks from your hosting tasks and savor the festive moment. Be there with them to start the New Year with a bang.

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